Retaining a Bankruptcy Lawyer Needn't Be a Last Resort

Turn to the Law Office of Zachary Perlick in Philadelphia, PA for support

Past-due bills are piling up. Creditors are calling nonstop. Every moment of the day, you're reminded that you're drowning in debt and at risk of losing your car, your home and your sense of security. The future may seem bleak, but there's still hope. A lawyer in Philadelphia, PA with a proven track record can help you explore all possible solutions.

The Law Office of Zachary Perlick works exclusively with consumers who have...

  • Fallen behind on their mortgage payments
  • Been unable to break the cycle of living on credit
  • Accumulated significant credit card, utility or medical debt

Look no further for an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Ask about our success rate when you schedule a consultation.

Serving the Greater Philadelphia, PA Area

Including all of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster and Montgomery counties

You can trust attorney Perlick with your case

Mr. Perlick has been practicing law since 1994 and has been focusing on bankruptcy, foreclosure defense and loan modification cases since 1997. Not only is he highly recommended by previous clients, he also receives referrals from other local lawyers.

You'll appreciate that attorney Perlick...

  • Is a solo practitioner, and thus can give your case his undivided attention
  • Has competitive rates, and thus can provide you with affordable legal services
  • Cares about his clients, and therefore will do his best to assist you

Reach out today to begin working with a trusted bankruptcy lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.