Lower Your Monthly Payments With a Loan Modification

We've successfully negotiated many loan and mortgage modifications in the Philadelphia, PA area

Is it difficult for you to make mortgage payments in full and on time? If so, a mortgage modification could prevent you from falling further behind on your payments and losing your home to foreclosure.

The Law Office of Zachary Perlick advocates for homeowners in the Philadelphia, PA area by negotiating with lenders. If your lender agrees to the loan modification, we can update your original mortgage documents with the new terms.

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Make your trial period payments on time to qualify

Not all lenders automatically offer mortgage modifications to delinquent borrowers. Your lender may require you to complete a trial period plan prior to adjusting the terms of your mortgage.

Should you qualify for a loan modification, your lender may...

  • Waive any unpaid late fees
  • Reduce your monthly payment and interest rate
  • Reduce your principal balance or extend the life of the loan

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